Beautiful, Professional Investor Updates

Engage investors and stakeholders

Sending a regular company update helps you forge strong relationships with investors. Send an update to your existing investors and stakeholders, and a slightly modified version to those you want to raise capital from in the future.

Build lines, not dots.


Easily build beautiful, professional reports

Start with one of our templates, or build your own custom investor update using our simple drag-and-drop interface. Add text, images, and KPIs, and attach files (optional). Hit Publish and you’re done. If you need additional guidance or a review of your update, we’re here to help.

Investor updates, solved.


Your command center for investor relations

Build a distribution list using our massive Investor Database and CRM. Send out your update through the platform, and track who viewed it and for how long — a strong signal of interest. Copy and re-use templates to save time.

Turbo charge your investor communications.


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