Foundersuite Help

  • Security & Privacy

    • Do you send automatic notifications or messages to investors or people in my network?

      We do not. Investors are not notified when you add them to Investor Tracker, and people in your network are never contacted or messaged without your permission.

      The only communications that occur with people outside of Foundersuite are when you send your contacts a specific request-- for example, when you are seeking feedback on your company in the Idea Validation module, or when you publish your Progress Report to investors, advisors, or others in your network.

      In short-- you control all communication flows in Foundersuite.

    • How do I know my data is secure? Do you share it with anyone?

      Foundersuite is deployed on Heroku (a division of Salesforce) and we use the Heroku PosgreSQL add-on with replication setup. This gives us a mirrored database to help keep your data safe. In addition, all of your data is encrypted and all transactions are transmitted using SSL encryption for an added layer of security.

      We believe your privacy is of critical importance. We do not sell or share your information with anyone.

  • Startup Docs Module

    • What do I use the Startup Docs module for?

      The Startup Docs module is a collection of tools, documents, worksheets and wizards that help Founders.

    • How do I know I can trust these tools?

      We’ve worked hard to build and curate this collection, and many of the tools come from leading attorneys, consultants, and advisors. In addition, we’ve used many of these tools in our own startups for years. Nonetheless, Foundersuite is not an attorney or provider of legal services, and assumes no liability for their use (please see the full explanation and legal disclaimer, here). Consider these tools as a startup point; but you should always use good judgment and consult an attorney, accountant or other professional advisor.

    • I don’t understand how <cap tables> <vesting> <option pools> <other tool or task> works; can you guide me through this?

      Not at this time. We absolutely love helping startup founders; however, Foundersuite is not a law firm or an accounting firm, and thus we cannot provide legal advice (and we need to emphasize that your use of these tools does not enter us into an attorney-client relationship). The technicalities of startup equity, corporate structure, term sheets, and other issues can be complex, and laws often vary on a state-by-state basis; thus, these topics are best addressed by a competent attorney.

      Consider these tools as a way to learn about and familiarize yourself with these documents in advance of retaining a lawyer. In the future, we may consider creating a network of experts and consultants to help you. In the meantime, we are always striving to add more instructional detail and to make the tools simpler and easier to use.

  • Investor CRM Module

    • What do I use the Investor CRM module for?

      The Investor CRM module is designed to help you manage the investor outreach, communications, and overall fundraising process. The Visual Dashboard helps you instantly see where you’re at with each investor and what you need to do next. Integration with AngelList and LinkedIn let you see how you’re connected to target investors. Integration with Google Calendar helps you stay on top of all your fundraising actions and To-Dos.

  • Business Related

    • How much does Foundersuite cost?

      Please see ourPricing Pagefor details.

    • How can I get a free account?

      We’d love to give you free subscription months if you help us spread the word about Foundersuite.

      Got a startup newsletter, incubator, meetup or other larger distribution list? Contact us to work out a custom deal! :)

    • I'm a developer / designer / excel wizard building a tool / template / software module that would be a good fit for Foundersuite's customer base; who do I talk to?

      Contact us today! We’d love to hear from you. We intend to open up the Founder’s Market where third party developers, designers, and others can publish and sell their tools-- think of it like the Apple App Store, but for startups.

    • I have an idea for a tool that I'd like to see developed. Who do I talk to?

      Contact us today! We’d love to hear from you. We will be constantly expanding out product line, and naturally, we want to build things our users will love. What would you like to see Foundersuite? What would be a cool module? What would make your life easier? Please give us feedback, and if your idea is really original, perhaps we’ll name it after you :)

What Is Foundersuite?

Foundersuite is a collection of tools, wizards, and templates that help startup founders execute more efficiently and effectively. Our goal is to streamline corporate housekeeping, finance, hiring, planning, and investor tasks so you can focus more on product, sales, and team activities.
Write to us if you have questions or suggestions.