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Level up with the industry-leading software platform for raising capital, used by startups around the globe to raise over $17 Billion (and counting).

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Give your startups an unfair advantage with Foundersuite. From a discount code for your perks page, to an enterprise license - we've got you covered.

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How Foundersuite works


search a database of 216,000 investors...


…add leads to your Investor CRM…


…send a Pitch Deck, and follow up with Personalized Emails…


…engage, and build relationships with Investor Updates…


...run due diligence using the Data Room


...close the round with our Deal Docs.

  • Investor CRM

    Foundersuite brings structure, speed, and efficiency to early-stage fundraising. Trusted (and loved) by 87,000 startups around the world, Foundersuite is your fundraising intelligence platform to take your business to the next level.

  • Investor Database

    Search a proprietary database of 216,000 LPs, VC and HNW including family offices, fund of funds, endowments, trusts, foundations, PE, CVC and more. It’s the fastest way to build a target investor list.

  • Pitch Deck Hosting

    Upload your PowerPoint or PDF and create an online pitch deck. Send it to investors and track views.

  • Investor Updates

    Use Investor Updates to create engaging newsletters in 15 minutes or less. Stay top-of-mind with current (and prospective) investors. Track views and duration - a strong signal of interest.

  • Emails

    Write an email (or choose from our templates) and send it to multiple investors at once. Use personalization tokens to customize each email. Attach files and track open rates.


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Check out our top investor listsFoundersuite has curated numerous invaluable investor lists to help you find the right partner for your startup, such as:
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  • The Foundersuite CRM nails it - I love their solution. All startups need this.

    Derek Anderson
    Derek Anderson
    Founder @ Startup Grind
  • I lived by Sales Force. Now I live by Foundersuite! The best way of tracking an investor pipeline.

    Eric King Frey
    Eric King Frey
    CEO / Co-Founder @ Mednoxa
  • Foundersuite is a fantastic tool for our team to manage investor relations and to discover new investors with whom we should connect (and wouldn't even know about otherwise). We fully endorse, it's a A+

    Ashok Kamal
    Ashok Kamal
    CEO @ Outsite

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