About Us

We have a singular purpose: to make awesome tools that help founders build awesome companies.

We are streamlining painful tasks like raising capital and investor relations so that founders can focus on product and customer acquisition. We are building the first true software platform for the world's 400MM+ entrepreneurs.

The Team

  • Nathan Beckord

    Founder & CEO



    Nathan Beckord

    Previously, startup CFO and BD guy at VentureArchetypes.com. Worked with 150+ companies including Clicker, Kickstarter, LaunchRock and many more. MBA and CFA. Fanatical sailor.

  • Stanley Chiang

    Head of Product



    Stanley Chiang

    A developer turned product manager, Stan loves to both push code and design UX. Hiscertifiable workaholism guarantees he’s tinkering with something cool round the clock.

  • Magdalena Malinowska




    Magdalena Malinowska

    In the daylight professional programmer, educator and promoter of coding among women. After the dusk dance, musicals and martial art lover.

  • Mikołaj Grzyb




    Mikołaj Grzyb

    Based in Poland this full-stack engineer has a truly magic touch for the front-end. Miko has been with Foundersuite through a lot of rough weather and has never failed us. When not coding he is exploring the world, people and ideas around him.

  • Tomasz Korzeniowski



    Chief Rigger

    Tomasz Korzeniowski

    A software engineer, collaborator, inventor, and architect all rolled into one. When he's not at his desk, you can generally find him playing on his bass.

  • Magda Piechota

    UI/UX Designer



    Magda Piechota

    A teacher, interpreter, traveler and UI/UX designer who believes that the marriage of technology and design will make our lives easier and richer.

  • Pip Brangam

    Marketing & Content


    Powder Monkey

    Pip Brangam

    Passionate about writing, Pip heads up the blog and marketing copy. She loves to surf and hosting dinner parties for friends.

  • Adam Barber




    Adam Barber

    Full-stack developer, with a passion for foodand travel.

  • Hilde Haustreis

    Marketing & Partnerships


    Powder Monkey

    Hilde Haustreis

    Been with Foundersuite since 2014. Works with marketing, partnerships and sales, with a sprinkle of world traveling to meet new and amazing users. Foundersuite hustler by day, viking warrior by night. M.Sc in Business, Creation and Entrepreneurship.

  • Anna Domańska-Grzyb




    Anna Domańska-Grzyb

    A front-end developer who believes that the web can be a new form of artistic expression. Previous film director, a future traveler, fascinated with space and joy marrying new technologies with classical beauty.

  • Paweł Kondraciuk




    Paweł Kondraciuk

    Front-end wizard who has ambitions to become a full-stack expert. He joined the Foundersuite team in October 2015 and very quickly started turning his ideas into reality. In the meantime you can find him riding his bike or trying to figure out the meaning of life.

  • Helga Stormo

    Customer Happiness


    Communications Officer

    Helga Stormo

    Working with marketing, onboarding and customer happiness at Foundersuite. Joined the amazing Foundersuite team in 2015. About to finish my Masters in Global Entrepreneurial Management in San Francisco.

  • Alexander Richter



    Deck Hand

    Alexander Richter

    Just started my MBA back in Norway. And will be joining the Foundersuite team this summer. When not working, I am at the gym or playing some tunes at the piano.

  • ?



  • ffVC


    Foundersuite is a powerful platform that levels the playing field for entrepreneurs. Foundersuite makes both best practices and tools used by leading startups available to any entrepreneur. Nathan and his team have built something very powerful by democratizing the process of starting, funding, and scaling a company.

  • Steve Bennett


    I love the vision for the Foundersuite platform and Nathan is a driven entrepreneur. My students have been using it the past couple of years and my portfolio companies have been using Investor CRM. Makes a lot of the mundane tasks around starting a company both fun and efficient.

  • Brad Bao


    Being an entrepreneur is not easy, and they should focus on building the product and services. Foundersuite is right on the spot to support them to create something bigger, by taking care of the essential things.

Our awesome angels include:Will Bunker(founding partner at GrowthX),Steve Bennett(startup CFO and professor),Sam Kingsland(22 years in VC at Granite Ventures),Catherine Chang(first finance exec at Facebook, and Twitter),Brad Bao(first US GM at Tencent),Santosh Jayaram(early VP of Operations at Twitter),Philip Lo(Private Equity Professional),Darren Wilson(VP Kennedy Investments),Small Ventures,Foley Venturesand others.