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Search a proprietary database of 41,000 VC firms, family offices, strategic investors, fund-of-funds, PE firms, lenders, and more. Also access 100,000 individual angels and HNW investors. With one click, add qualified prospects to your investor pipeline.

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Advanced Search And Filtering

Search by Name or Keyword to add individuals or firms. Search by Type to filter by Venture Capital, Family Office, Angel, Fund of Funds, etc. Search by Industry to find investors who focus on your market. Search by Location such as City Name to find local investors.

Search and find your future investors.


Details Details Details

For each investor, get access to their description, contact information (email and phone), list of previous deals (useful for understanding stage and investment themes), logo or image, and social links such as Webpage, Blog, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more.

Simply put, it’s the fastest way to build your target list.


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