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Modern Investor Pipeline Management

Use Investor CRM to manage your investor funnel and run your fundraise faster and more efficiently. Customize the board to match your workflow, and move cards through the stages of your funnel. See at a glance all Tasks and To-Dos, how many Leads and Committed Investors were added last week / month, and when the last activity was for each investor.

Increase your funding momentum - exponentially.


Collaboration Is Baked In

Invite your co-founders, advisors, and existing investors to work with you in your account — 100% free. They can add leads and prospects, tag themselves as “connector,” and monitor the overall health of your raise.

Fundraising is now a team sport.


Manage Tasks, Email, Files, Team & More

For each investor, add data such as Leads / Co-invests, Amount Committed and Probability, and Connector. Add tasks, calls, and other to-dos, and synch with your calendar. Attach files such as the term sheet you sent, or the diligence list. Connect your email and see all email conversations with each investor.

Investor CRM is your “single source of truth” for all fundraising activities.


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