Old Mutual Investment Group

Cape Town South Africa; Pinelands South Africa; Western Cape South Africa
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Investor info
Limited Partners
Stage focus
  • PE Growth/Expansion,
  • Buyout
Geography focus
South Africa
Current fund size
$ 235,000,000
Industry focus
Old Mutual Investment Group (South Africa) is an investment management firm based in Cape Town, South Africa. The firm provides a wide range of investment, wealth management, life assurance and advisory services including financial planning and advice, education planning, retirement funding and income, debt counseling, banking and finance to individuals, businesses, corporates and institutions. The firm primarily provides its services in Africa, Europe, the Americas and Asia. Old Mutual Investment Group (South Africa) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Old Mutual public limited company. The assets of the firm are managed by the board of directors.
Relevant investments
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  • Example example company Inc
    $ 1,000,000
    Investor meetings
  • Company & Company
    € 11,000,000
    Series C funding
  • Example
    $ 524,000
    Seed round A
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